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New Location: 63 Melbourne Street, Rocklea 4106
Please call 07 3392 9277 for service.
For demolition and asbestos please call 0422 838 028

Recycling our past for our future

Welcome to Woolloongabba Demolitions where we have been demolishing houses and recycling building products since 1964. We have one of Brisbane's largest range original colonial materials and building products.

Nearly all of our second hand building materials are sourced from houses we demolish. We demolish houses mostly by hand. Our skilled crew take great care so we can use almost every piece of the house.

We salvage wall linings, bearers, joists, external cladding, kitchen items, bathroom items, doors, windows, fireplaces, light fittings, roofing materials, pipes, wrought iron and various timbers. If it can be salvaged, it is. All materials are brought to 63 Melbourne Street, Rocklea 4106, and sorted for easy viewing and selection by our customers.

All recycled timbers are de-nailed for convenience and safety. Our recycled house parts and second timber are priced at extremely competitive prices.

The quality and strength of recycled timber obtained from demolition sites is superior to new timbers. Environmentally and financially, recycled timbers remain the best option.

Whether you are building a new home or restoring a Queenslander, we will have something to suit. Increasingly our recycled timbers are being used by woodworkers who are seeking timber with character, timber which is cheaper and straighter than new. Many old timbers are being used for furniture construction.

Our range of new timber is about to expand with our renovations.

For recycled timber, new timber and building materials please call us on 07 3392 9277 or contact us

If you are looking for bric-a-brac like old bottles, vases, old tools, oddities and treasures it's best you call in and see us and busy yourself in our store.

Call us on 07 3392 9277, visit us, or contact us through an Internet contact form.