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Second Hand Glass

Old glass

At Woolloongabba Demolitions we carefully remove all types of glass for recycling from our demolitions.

Decorative glass is one of the most attractive features of old (and new) Queenslanders and the most sought after. We stock coloured textured glass, frosted glass and etched glass, most of which is recovered from Queenslanders.

If necessary we will remove glass from an existing window or door.

Glass louvres are also salvaged. These vary from frosted to clear and generally will be in the exact size you are after. If not, we can cut to size.

Clear glass is stocked in a wider range of sizes, is much cheaper than new glass, and we can cut to size.

Shower screen glass, splashback glass, glass vanity tops and mirrors are almost always in stock. If not, tell us what you want and we will source it for you.

If you are restoring an old Queenslander or looking for coloured glass for other purposes, call in into Woolloongabba Demolitions where we are sure you will find something special at very competitive prices.

Call us on 07 3391 1860 or contact us.