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Timber Recycled

At Woolloongabba Demolitions we have huge amounts of recycled timber salvaged mainly from old Queenslanders being demolished. If you are restoring an old Queenslander or building a new Queenslander we are sure to have either, the exact timber and size you are after or something suitable.

The quality and strength of recycled timber obtained from demolition sites is superior to new timbers. Those were the days when timber was milled without knots. Environmentally and financially, recycled timbers offer beauty and a pleasing character. Our recycled timber is increasingly being sought by furniture manufactures and home handy persons.

All our timber is de-nailed for your convenience and everybody's safety.

Timber Floorboards
Hardwood floorboards in 60mm x 19mm and 85mm x 19mm are always in stock. Other sizes are available based on supply at the time.

Floorboards - Pine and Oregon
Pine and Oregon floorboards are readily available. Common sizes are 100mm and 150mm.

External Cladding
Weather boards -170mm in hardwood.
Chamfer boards are available in 90mm, 125mm and 140mm. Depending on supply at the time they can be hardwood or pine.

Internal Linings
Pine is the dominant timber for internal linings commonly known as V.J or T&G.
102mm V.J. (standard)
140mm Regency
150mm V.J. &l Regency

Timber Hardwood and Pine
General timber previously used for studs and bearers is available in these common sizes in inches:
2X1 - 3X2 - 4X2 - 5X2 - 6X2

Other sizes available depending on availability.

New Timber We also supply a range of new timbers.

For more information please contact us.

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